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  Mashiz Introduction

Mashiz Introduction
Mashiz is an institution coming out of the Islamic society and is based on the benefactors' wisdom and belief. Kerman state is the origin of such benevolent activities. Currently there are several centers helping real bereaved and destitute people who need the cultural-training, educational, vocation, job, medial and consulting services.
Thanks to God for his kindness. Today the path has become much more easier to go on, and we can see our creator's smile of Love, Partnership, Companionship, and Beauty in the smile and consent of the real bereaved and social injured ones. The word " Mashiz " refers to the first letters        of these four words (in Persian) which can be a symbol of the presence of God, and he would be the one watching human's activities, and so Mashiz has considered its main target to be the exchange of the economical assets by the social values. This honorable exchange makes no more choice unless going on the way of welfare and serving needy ones... And God will reward! And so any one who can look at the outward events over the limits of patience, will gain the peace and purity .
… Simply all the time it has been like this. Appreciating the participants of the way of Love, partnership, companionship and Beauty, today this institution wants to develop its services and on the other hand it wants to impart its benefits with the people who are interested in this unanimity.
So, by the help of God, Mashiz institution has taken the legal justification of a finance and credit institution and we hope that the great thoughts of our managers and personnel would lead us to the bests. Clearly this wouldn't be the only target of Mashiz's cooperators; and it's just a mean to gain the main targets which are the kindness and helping people.



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