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MS Elham Sadat Amandari One of Machiz's daughters.

Ms. Elham Sadat Amandari

My parents were died in 1382 and because of so many problems, I decided to confer to one of boarding houses of Mashiz Hazrat Zahra institution in Bam with my 3 sisters.

After conferring to this institution we were accepted in Bam branch. The institution was well equipped and had good training and welfare services and we were actually satisfied with this. Unfortunately after Bam earthquake on Dey5, 1382, I lost a lot of my friends and kind trainers and also a sister of mine.

I was badly injured in that earthquake and because of the injuries happened to my hand, feet, head and some other parts of my body, I was rendered to Tehran. There I had been under the special cares in ICU for 21 days; and then I was rendered to the orthopedics. They had decided to cut one of my feet. It was at first undoubtedly the kindness of my God and then the sympathetic efforts of Mr. Eskandari Zadeh, that they didn’t cut my foot finally, and now I can walk on my own feet. I'm really indebted first to God's kindness and then Mashiz charity institution.

Other children of Mashiz institution can send us their memories, and we'll publish them here in this website.   

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