Family for lonely kids

Our main goal is destining a new and real model in order to provide training, educational, treatment and rehabilitation services with the aim of protecting and developing the talents. and supporting human resources as well as changing them to human capital. Regarding the charity`s mission, it treats to improve the services in terms of quality and quantity in such a way that it`s performances is considered as a suitable criterion to assess similar organization in regional and national level.

Home for Children (H4C)

H4C provides alternative care by protecting children deprived of parental care from emotional, mental, psychological and social deviance whilst developing their mental, moral and social health. During their stay housemothers/housefathers along with psychologists enrich children with social and life skills. We ensure every child receive emotional support and various services such as psychological, educational, health, cultural and sports facilities and opportunities. We are committed to support children physically, emotionally and financially.
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    Provinces covered




    Reached Children


    Children in homes


    Independent children

    Rehabilitation and care services

                We believe differently abled persons have the right to live dignified.
    We aim at moving towards social justice and empower disabled persons by establishing rehabilitation center (Abalfazl center) for disabled persons over 14 years old. We seek to develop them with discovering and boosting their talents and skills.

    For children below 14 years old we provide care. At rehabilitation and care center (Fayaz Bakhsh center) we provide care rehabilitation for children.

    Educational services

    We aim at empowering and educating girls at Reyhane educatational complex.


    We seek to improve and provide health and treatment services to the poor and the needy.

    Supporting patients in need with providing healthcare with the lowest prices is the main objectives of establishing heath centers.

    Up to now, we had the pleasure to run 4 health centers of medical and dental clinic.
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