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Day-night Cultural Training Centers

The earth had become actually a minefield and as the child walked across the path of life, he/she was exposed to the dangers! Dormitory is not just a place to be safe at nights; But it is actually a place for gathering the eyes hushing and understanding each other.

And so that was the reason that Mashiz decided to constitute the cultural training boarding houses.

Centers providing special services started making a very suitable basis to outbreak of the abilities of the children of this country from 1994 by leaning on the human power.

Till now there have been 1366 hearts representing thousands of derelicts or bad-parented families supported by these centers.

The first step was to establish the first girlie center in 1994, in an innovative method that was named according to the holey name of dear Hazrat Zahra(s); an innovative method simulating the usual life ( just like a real family).

The main target of establishing such centers was not only to protect children, but to provide a suitable environment for them to grow up and progress and also to encourage them to reach to the high levels of education; as more than 85% of the bonafide students of these centers have entered the universities all around the country.

From 1998 till now, 7 other centers have been operated in Sirjan, Zarand, Bam, Rafsanjan, Anbar Abad, Shahdad and Kerman.

And currently there are more than 200 persons living in these 12 centers just like living with a real family!

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