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Reyhaneh Training Center

She goes and you come…

And you could see how the energetic steps of the youth will bring you to the beginning point…

You reach to the time of picking up the smile blossoms from the faces of this tired land's children.

Reyhaneh training center started its activities in Mehr of 1378, in order to provide an equipped and technical training environment for the talent students of Kerman to improve their educational levels and make them ready for higher educations. Mashiz charitable organization tried to provide a complete collection of training equipments and the best teachers and capable manager in order to be one of the most successful training centers in Kerman. Yet, more than 85% of the students of this center have been accepted in the national university entrance exams.

We look at the sky and talk to our clement God:

We are trying to provide a complete equipped department including all educational levels, from elementary school to university, in a 12-hectare land that is named according to the holey name of Hazrat Zahra(s).

And God is the one who is receptive and wise and would never forget the welfare sentiments.

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