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Mashiz Remedial Centers

Remedial activity of our institution is what we were always asking God to give us (as so soon he did it).

The day-night clinic is equipped with the general doctors and specialists such as obstetricians, pediatricians, special dentistry and also emergency services, air emergencies, drug stores and laboratories. All of these parts are trying their best to serve the people of this land.

And you may know well that a painful body is out of tolerance…

And you may also know better that a painful body has a broken heart and is ready to sigh of relief!

Mashiz remedial institution tries its best to lessen their pain and exchange the sigh by the best wishes for its sponsors.

These centers have served about 5,180,000 persons of the state by giving them 50% discount; it should also be noted that about 1086 persons come to these centers daily.

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