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Hazrat Abolfazl Handicapped persons' Training Center

It would be so nice when people are not apathetic about the things they look at!

And it would also be nicer when human is not in the group of ignoramus ones while he/she is able to do some thing and help some body.

Handicapped persons' vocation & technical center established in 1999, for the boys elder than 14.

This center is based on the benefit of your communion deposit.

From the beginning of the establishment of this center 255 mentally disabled ones have been accepted in this centre and 190 of them have been released successfully, and currently 65 of them are being trained. Also 16 of them have been married and 27 of these handicapped ones, being effectively trained are now working and have their own jobs.

The trainer doesn't know that what would be the meaning of tiredness and is just staring at the horizons of his/her students' future.

Here is the attempt-arena of those assistants who are just trying to make the social presence of these handicapped ones more effective. They try hard to provide the best res publica for these people.

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