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Publish Date: ۱۲:۵۳ - ۲۱ October ۲۰۱۸

Keeping the quality of service by providing customer-oriented principle and keeping patients right

Improving the health of society by increasing the quality, justice, standardized health services, research and education services.

Providing medical and nursing care services (even at home) with acceptable standard, quality with low cost. 

Updating and equipping health centers with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic services aimed at providing services using the latest facilities and equipment to the target community.


Sedation and anesthesia Specialized Dentistry Clinic for the disabled

Our aim in this specialist clinic is to control the patient's anxiety and fear of dental procedures in order to provide better health care. Lack of collaboration in treatment, in many cases is causedby the patient's fear which leads to quality and standard of service reduce.

In order to achieve the goals, the following services are provided:

Dental treatment for non-cooperative patients

Dental treatment for young children

Dental treatment for patients with physical or mental disabilities

Dental treatment for patients with systemic and specific diseases




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