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General physicians section consists of 24-hour services of doctor's visits, injections, dressings, temporary admissions, blood pressure, ECG, outpatient and pharmacy departments.


Medical specialist section includes cardiovascular, orthopedic, kidney and urethra, gynecology, skin and hair, internal medicine, general surgery, neurology and pediatrics.


Specialized clinic No. 3 includes psychological services, auditory services, optometrist, speech therapy, counseling, learning and behavioral disorders in children, marital problems, intelligence testing, and glasses sales counter.


Specialized dental clinic comprises emergency room and radiology, 15 units of dentistry, including specialized dentistry departments, root canal treatment, restoration and beauty, dental prosthodontics, gum and implant surgery, and orthodontics are in the presence of the best specialists of Kerman province. (All services are provided in installments)


Emergency collaborates with Kerman University of Medical Sciences which contains all emergency and radiological services such as pulpotomy and pulpotomy.


Orthodontic Clinic- With regard to the cost of dentistry, especially orthodontics in recent years, and the inability

of poor and low income groups in the community, Mashiz institute has decided to launch 2 specialized orthodontic units with appropriate tariffs for people in need. On this route orthodontic services is run with the best specialists at Kosar Mashiz charity centers.


Ophthalmology section has been able to provide great services to Kerman's citizens with use of the best and most experienced professionals in the field of ophthalmology and optometrist.


Physiotherapy and Physical Medicine is equipped with all physiotherapy devices and provides proper tariffs and medical treatment staff at home ready to serve in orthopedic, neurological, arthrosis, cruciate ligament problems. Plus Equilibrium, electrical stimulation of the nerves and muscles.


Laboratory has the most advanced, equipped and modern laboratory equipment with the help of the specialized staff and years of experience, has been able to take a step forward in identifying diseases among the people of Kerman and helping the health of community.

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