Publish Date: ۱۳:۱۸ - ۰۳ November ۲۰۱۸


  1. To prepare uniforms and school supplies, including bags, stationery, books and textbooks.
  2. Educational consultation for children individually and collectively to enhance educational efficiency
  3. Monitor the process of studying children according to the schedule
  4. Completing and updating educational records
  5. Getting grades of the students and follow up the creativity of the children and action to modify the training program
  6. Equip the Bank of Awards and Library
  7. Guidance of children towards learning skills.


  1. Visit home and chat with parents of children
  2. Planning and taking action to bring children back
  3. Formation and completion of social files
  4. Conduct care sessions every six months for all children
  5. Complete the annexes of the care plan, follow up and implementation its approvals
  6. Follow up for obtaining a license, birth certificate, renewal of insurance offices, separation of subsidies, justic shares, opening an account and ... for children in accordance with the terms and conditions
  7. Follow the status of children's life after separation
  8. Establishing the base for visiting children with their parents in prison
  9. Planning for Dowry Assistance and layette

Psychology (consulting services)

  1. Providing counseling services for psychotherapy, counseling, worker, psychiatry, psychometrics, group counseling sessions
  2. Holding social training sessions in the form of health care workshops, life skills training, adaptation to the environment ,home and ...
  3. Implementation of subtle control plan, coupon economic, behavioral table to strengthen positive behaviors
  4. Action to eliminate psychological disorders
  5. Continuous attendance in internal and external training courses


Hygiene and treatment (Hygiene includes personal, general, environment, nutrition and food)

  1. Individual and environmental hygiene control and providing views in this way.
  2. Checking the children on the annual check form (every 6 months)
  3. Supervision over the quality of food purchased and how they are kept
  4. Follow up for issuing health card for all employees


  1.  Planning and acting for prayer at home
  2.  Training and reading of Prayers and notes and...
  3.  Celebrating the birth of the children
  4. Teaching Ablutions and Praying to Children
  5.  Teaching Quran verses and culture in various educational fields
  6.  Holding Quran classes
  7. Familiarity with social etiquette and obligatory in child language
  8. Documenting the creative work of children, including drawing and writing stories, and...
  9.  Planning for the participation of children in inner and outer camps
  10. Holding religious and cultural events

Physical Education

  1. Planning for improving the children's physical abilities to maintain their vitality
  2. Annual planning and various sports activities
  3. Preparation of various sports teams for participation in sports competitions
  4. Review the needs of children's sports and respond to them
  5. Active participation in sports competitions
  6. Performing various sports programs
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