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Publish Date: ۱۵:۲۶ - ۰۵ November ۲۰۱۸

Director of Sirjan Girls' Center: Sakineh Ghasemi Nejad Ranjbar


Educational background: Bachelor of Psychology

Work experience at Kosar Mashiz Charity: 9 years

Other work experience: One year of experience as  an educational backer District High School Graduate School of Literature / Educational Advice for children of pre-university level

Achievements: Acknowledgment of the Director General of Kerman and Sirjan as the Top Worker

Exercise Training: A Resilient Role in the Life of Indigenous Children - Reporting and Administrative Correspondence - Stress Management - Sexual Education - Familiarization with Specialized guidelines and care and Care of children under the Welfare organization - Child Triture and Child Abduction - Principles and Teamwork rules in the boarding school for children - Preparation of children living in homes for independent living - First aid and assistance - Family probiotics - Children's religious education - Child development psychology - Life skills training - Social work-parenting-learning difficulties - Automation - Wechsler intelligence test - Effective communication with the environment and others - Behavioral Therapy - Male and Female Psychology - Behavioral Management Skills - Stress Management and Anger Control - Burnout - Growth, Stabilization and Solutions - Child Abuse


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