Publish Date: ۱۳:۱۷ - ۲۷ November ۲۰۱۸

Performance report of past years:

  • Adopt eligible children with the necessary coordination with the court and the welfare
  • Providing fields (education, health, welfare, etc.) creating employment and employing a number of children
  • Contextualizing and empowering families for family reunions
  • Improvement of the family situation, including the construction and repair of residential homes and the provision of essential equipment for the home, and encouraging families to abandon addiction and follow-up and resolve the underlying problems of families
  • Feast and mourning ceremony
  • Celebrating children's birthday
  • Preparing dowry and marriage ceremonies after counseling sessions and necessary follow-up and post-marital support
  • Provide layette  for some
  • Creating training classes (technical, artistic, sports, religious)
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