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  • Preparing uniforms and materials such as: Books, bags and other necessary items.
  • Educational counseling for children in groups and individuals to enhance educational efficiency
  • Monitoring the process of children’s study according to the plan
  • Completing and updating educational records
  • Obtaining the grades of children as student , tracking the creativity of the children plus providing efforts to improve the methods of educational programs
  • Equipping the bank of awards and library
  • Directing children towards learning skills


  • Visiting homes and talking with their parents
  • Planning and taking action to reintegrate children back
  • Formation and completion of social cases
  • Holding care plan meetings every six months for all children
  • Completing the annexes of care plan and follow up its implementation
  • Obtaining license, birth certificate, renewal of insurance offices, separation of subsidies, equity shares, opening an account and so on for children in accordance with the terms and conditions
  • Tracking the status of children's life after discharge
  • Efforts to provide opportunities for children to meet their parents
  • Planning for receiving help to pay dowry and layette

Psychology (consulting services)

  • Providing counseling services for psychotherapy, counseling, psychiatry, psychometrics, and group counseling sessions.
  • Holding social training sessions in the form of health care workshops, life skills training, environment and home compatibility
  • Implementation of control plan, token economics, behavioral table to strengthen positive behaviors
  • Efforts to overcome psychological disorders
  • Continuous attendance in internal and external training courses

Health and treatment (including personal health, general, environment, nutrition and food)

  • Individual and environmental health control and providing views in this regard
  • Checking children health through check form (every 6 months)
  • Supervision over the quality of food purchased and how they are kept
  • Issuing Health Card for all staff

Cultural activities

  • Planning for peer- praying at home
  • Training and reading prays, Quran and so one
  • Celebrating birthdays of children
  • Teaching Ablutions and Praying
  • Teaching verses and culture- building practices in various educational fields
  • Holding Quran sessions
  • Familiarity with social customs and obligatory practices in child language
  • Documenting and recording creative work of children, including drawing and storytelling, and etc.
  • Planning for children in inner and outer camps
  • Holding various events on the occasion of national and religious events


  • Efforts to improve children's physical abilities to maintain their vitality.
  • Annual planning to track various sports activities
  • Preparation of various sports teams to participate in the tournament
  • Review the children's sports needs and responding them
  • Active participation in sports competitions
  • Performing various sports programs


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