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Deputy of social affairs of Welfare organization of Kerman province said,

Deputy of social affairs and Head of Kerman Welfare organization, and a group of experts from Welfare organization with attended in Mashiz charity, meet the officials of this institute and get to know proceedings and activities of Kosar Mashiz charity.

Publish Date: ۰۸:۰۰ - ۰۵ December ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar-Mahmoud Mansouri, deputy head of social affairs in Kerman province praised and thanked Mashiz’s benevolent activities over the past 24 years, said; Mashiz services are generally acceptable and good, and today everyone knows and is accepted by everyone.” "Today, the social and time conditions are changing, and this requires new planning, and, of course, one of the indicators of social health in the whole world is the number of vulnerable and abandoned children in the country.

Mansouri announced the growth of social harm in the country and added, unfortunately, in the current situation, the number of vulnerable children in the community is increasing, today, many children are in poor social conditions, which is legally and religiously and part of our international obligations to deal with these children. He declared inequality as one of the main causes of these problems in the community and stated: "All social activities and proceedings, until it leads to a reduction in social inequality, it acts like anodyne and cannot last." he said.

Mohammad Reza Sadeghinezhad financial and administrative assistant of Kosar Mashiz charity presenting a report on the activities of Mashiz in various fields and said; our efforts are helping to improve the welfare to reduce social harm in country and we see ourselves as well and alongside welfare.

He referred to social activities in various fields, today, Mashiz is the guardian and supporter of 302 vulnerable and abandoned children in the Kerman province, Qazvin, Sistan and Baluchestan and Bushehr, which spend more than 20 million rials per month to per children.

Sadeghi Nezhad also announced the plan to internationalization in the near future, and said: "We are looking for the development of Mashiz in the whole country, with the focus of Kerman province."

He pointed to four treatment centers and two disability services centers,” "In addition to these activities, we are looking to create employment for the families and children who are being left, because we believe that employment will lead to financial autonomy and personality.” he said.

Financial and administrative assistant of Mashiz announced about launch of the children's database, which will provide all the children’s information from the moment of entry to until after successful left.

Unfortunately, the statistics of vulnerable children are increasing

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