In line with sustainable development goals Mashiz seeks to develop the society by ending poverty, empowering the needy, providing health and treatment services and promoting an inclusive society.

Mashiz current projects are as follows:


Tailor manufacture

We assist people to be employed by providing tailoring manufacture. Thus Mashiz plans to build a tailor manufacture for people to achieve occupational skills and to be employed at this center.


Health center

Mental health is a concern of all societies, and in most societies it has affected life stress, the result of which can be seen in suicide statistics, beatings and other social harm. Thus Mashiz seeks to engage the public in institutionalizing health in all its dimensions.

Health district clinics are therefore set up at the national and provincial level to attract the participation of all stakeholders in people's health, and it is important for every device and organization to see people's health at every turn.


Addiction treatment center

Today, social harm has become a major concern, as the rate of addiction, marginalization and divorce has increased significantly, and the mission is to bring social health to the forefront and eliminate poverty and discrimination and injustice in society. Strive for the spiritual and mental health of the community. Accordingly, we aim to decrease and treat addiction by establishing addiction treatment center.


Sheriffs office

Since nowadays social harms is on the rise and many people are at risk of confronting trafficking and other harms. Mashiz find itself responsible to stablish sheriff’s office at marginalized society of the country to bring peace in the zone.


Mashiz programs to bring social justice, end poverty, ensure good health and economic growth


Mashiz programs to bring social justice, end poverty, ensure good health and economic growth



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