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Hazrat Aboulfazl Medical center has started its activities since 1995 with the aim of improving the health of community in Kerman.During these years it has been able to gain satisfaction and confidence of Kerman province's people.

This center with pivotal health approach, has specialized medical and dental clinics and today is one of the most equipped medical centers in Kerman province even in neighboring provinces. This center and other health centers are contracted with basic insurance (social security, health services, armed forces, coal, banks, oil and gas companies) and supplementary insurance (Iran, Asia, Saman Kosar, Karafarin, Razi, Arman and Mihan) has been able to satisfy all customers with any income.

This center is one of the most equipped medical centers and has the following services:

Specialist dental clinics such as: Orthodontics - Emergency and radiological dentistry - Radiology of the jaw and face and cephalometry - Gum and implant surgery and jaw and facial surgery - Prevention and oral hygiene clinic - Infection control unit and packing of dental instruments

Clinical cardiology, ultrasound, physiotherapy

medical laborator

And the Information and Emergency Medical Center.

Dental Clinic Sedation and anesthesia special for the disabled

Today, our biggest concern is people's relaxation and relief of the needy persons, consequently this is one of our honors to take actions towardsthisaim by granting the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and welfare organization licenses.

We have established a single dentistry clinic in the south-east of the country at Hazrat Aboulfazl (AS) clinic and taken a long step towards serving the oral and dental health. Mental and physicaly disabled persons  deserve to access the oral health care same as healthy people, but this group of people receive a lower level of care and health care compared to healthy people. Unfortunately, oral health services are among the biggest disadvantages for people with mental and physical disabilities.

Based on the welfare organization statistics, Kerman province has 20,776 people under cover with mental disabilities, autism, chronic psychosis and rehabilitation.

The cost of treatment for this group with a DMF is 6 (Which is at least in this group and sometimes reaches up to 17) Without concerning the dental prosthodontics, it will cost $ 6 billion, with anesthesia and prosthesis costs, this amount will reach 10 billion, In the first 9 months of the year 2017, only 133 have received dental care from Kerman.

Accordingly, Kowsar Mashiz charity has set up the specialized dentistry clinic with the most equipped facilities and specialist medical staff as the only dental anesthetic center in the south-east of the country in the medical and dental clinic of Hazrat Aboulfazl(AS).

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