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In order to raise knowledge and awareness children of Seyyed al shohada center (second phase) in kerman

Holded the first session of self knowledge workshop with Transactional Analysis (TA) in second phase of seyed Al Shohada boys center

Publish Date: ۱۰:۱۴ - ۲۷ June ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar-The Transactional Analysis theory is one of the character theories which discusses about important issues. Mohammad Reza Babaiy teacher of this workshop said: The adolescent boys of the educational center of Hazrat Seyyed al-Shohada (AS) affiliated to the Kowsar Mashiz Charity of Hazrat Zahra (SA) were target group. With that in mind most of children pseudo families (according to mental problem such as lacks in childhood) have lower mental and emotional awareness and this problem is clear in their problem behavioral impulsive and emotional confrontation, self knowledge and awareness about psychological and emotional state and face to real feel can be effective in reducing behavioral problems and personal development. Babaiy added that this theory explain by Dr.Eric Berne, Dr.berne adjust his sensual states theory with used to the Dr.Penfield scientific experiments, which according to that each person has three three dimensions of child, adult and parenthood, which in every human state of mind is individually thought, felt and behaved, and based on this plan, it examines human relationships. Also, with method of parents or Psychological successors gets for child upbringing, represents their viewpoint to himself, others and world and determines inner state and considers as a draft of his life, and in the future, he behave in stressful situations. In therapy group can be understood mental games of target group with structural analysis and emotional state analysis and inner state and informing about their draft life. In target group, first propound sensual states and after recognize them, they analyze their relations in complementary and cross sectional type and relationships with hidden psychological messages (mental play) are examined.

 Also, in this plan, to be discussed the group's life story from the point of content and process, and with awareness of the draft of life and the unconscious behaviors of individuals can help them to achieve personal character.

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