The assistant economic of Narmashir said:

Representative of the Kowsar Mashiz charity foundation and the assistant economic of Narmashir said: "One of the major tourism projects with $ 1 billion investment is going to be done by the Kowsar Mashiz Charity in Narmashir, and this city will become one of the Middle East tourist hubs.

Publish Date: ۱۳:۰۵ - ۰۵ May ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar- The head of the advisory group of the Kowsar Mashiz charity and assistant economic of Narmashir visited the Children's and Adolescent keeping center for the son of Hazrat Rasul (NMS) and also visited the manufacturing process of the pseudo-family center of the affiliate of the institute in Narmashir city said: construction and launching of the quasi-family center ,with a substructure of 600 square meters was put into operation, and since its inception, the institute has been designated as the economic unit of the city of Narmashir, the modern day center of Hazrat Rasool (PBUH) with a capacity of 40 children without caretakers or without irresponsible caretakers are under construction. dr.soleimani added: assiatant economic works is, including medical center supporting and helping to javad-al-aemeh hospital with 3 milliard rial and accelerating an equipping the process of exploitation of this complex, with this help the 3 milliard rial to bam medical science university, javad al-aemeh was setting up. He said: The country's strongest economic team is considering economic projects in the city of Narmashir. He noted that in the tourism sector, the institute is building a castle hotel in Nurseshir with the participation of the private sector and the development of greenhouse and medicinal plants, and one of the major tourism projects with a $ 1 billion investment by the Kowsar Mashiz Charity It runs in Narmashir and will become a Middle Eastern tourist hub. The head of the consultants of Kowsar Mashiz charity group said: "This project is being studied using all the experiences of major tourism projects in the world. Considering the ecotourism capacities in this region, can be considered as a successful project. Soleimani explained: with the implementation of this plan and the acceptance of 500,000 foreign and domestic tourists, the share of Kerman province with more than 5% of foreign tourists, this project will generate more than $ 500 million in the city and province of Kerman. Soleimani also said that the city of Narmashir could become a major hub for milk conversion, dairy products, and date packaging and related products.

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