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In the Welfare Organization of the country and the supreme supervised institutions seminar which was held at the Evan Shams hall in Tehran, appreciated of Kowsar Mashiz Foundation through its 25 years of charitable work.

Publish Date: ۱۲:۱۶ - ۲۰ August ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar-According to Afarineshebartar report, in this ceremony was held on the appropriateness of the Social Participation Day with present of Anoushirvan Mohseni Bandpei, head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, emphasized on synergy between the Samans and the development of their communications and activities.

In the ceremony, Mohseni Bandpei said, " centers and institutions that support mentally and spiritual disabled have very difficult tasks, and even families of these people have difficulty in keeping them, and they have difficulty rehabilitating and empowering them." He noted," even with incentives that paid to their families for the keeping of mentally disabled people,the need to these institutions is also felt, for this reason, the role of these institutions is becoming more and more evident in the goals of charity.

Mohseni Bandpei said keeping and rehabilitation and empowerment of these people in these centers is a wonderful job. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of the costs are subsidized to their families to maintenance, but the remaining maintenance costs are provided through community benevolent institutions and institutions that have a kind of altruism, which has the necessary quality and effectiveness and as the head of the Ministry of Welfare, also with the activities that I have had during my tenure in the Welfare Organization, I thank and appreciate the efforts of all these institutions.

He added," Conditions must be provided to ensure that genetic screening for premarital and pregnancy is prevented in accordance with the sixth program." According to the forensic organization, 1,428 abortions have been reported due to genetic disorders, indicating that genetic screening is important in marriage and should be tracked promptly.

According to the coroner organization report, 1,428 abortions have been due to genetic disorders, indicating that genetic screening is important in marriage and should be tracked promptly.

Also,Mohammad Ali Kouzehgar told in the conference, "95% of the welfare organization activities has been outsourced, while 2200 centers give over to the privet sector. He referred to the assigned the 61 thousand and 228 residential units to the needy person. Deputy of Popular contributions of the Welfare Organization continued, "There are not many active capitals in our country compared to other countries, so there are more than one million charities and associations in the US, and a non-governmental organization is active for every 4,000 people."


At the end of the conference, which was with the presence of delegates of Kowsar Mashiz charity, it was appreciated from Kowsar Mashiz charity for the benevolent and wide-ranging accomplishments over the years.

It should be noted that Kowsar Mashiz Foundation is honored to receive the golden indication of social responsibility of Iran at the first conference of social responsibility by the Presidency of the Republic.


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