Results obtained by holding the tournament on the final day;

The team of the Zarand pseudo-family center, who succeeded in winning championed himself in the last match, defeated the Kerman team and became the champion of the tournament with authority.

Publish Date: ۱۲:۲۱ - ۲۰ August ۲۰۱۸

The team of the pseudo-family of Mashiz Zarand, who succeeded in successively winning his championship, also defeated the Kerman team and, with authority, became the champion of the tournament. and women volleyball championshi Fifth day in the 5th Cultural and Sports Festival of Children of Mashiz was followed by three competitions, during which the team of the Semi-Mashiz Seminar Center of Sirjan and the Mashiz Shahdad semi-family center team, like the Zarand Semi-Family Center Team, competed against their rivals.

The members of the Mashiz Zarand team in these competitions :Fatemeh Pasandideh,Zahra Absteh,Mahla Jafari,Roughayeh Hosseinzadeh, Nasim Rezazadeh, Fatemeh Hatami, Fatemeh Mahdizadeh, Hanieh Gholami, Yeganeh Kourdi,Fatemeh Eghbalizadeh with the coaching of Mrs. Moghadas Zadeh.

 Zarand Team Championship in Volleyball girl's Fifth Cultural and Sports Festival

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