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The United Nations has announced that the Mashiz charity on the proposal of the NGO Commission, has received specialist consultative status of this office. Mashiz , which has been proud of the genuine experience of social responsibility in Iran , it was able to actively participate with the Economic and Social Council and its affiliated organizations through a special adviser to the United Nations.

Publish Date: ۱۲:۱۳ - ۰۱ September ۲۰۱۸

Afarineshebartar- Mashiz institute which had the honor to gain the genuine experience of social responsibility in Iran over the last 25 years is in consultative status. It actively participates with the Economic and Social Council and its affiliated organizations through consultative status in United Nations. It is also associated with the UN Secretariat, its programs, financial resources and agencies in many ways.

This opportunity provides a special acclaimed position which helps the institution to achieve its goals. God’s helpings hands and philanthropist’s hands are effective and necessary to reach the aims of promoting the culture of social responsibility plus solving the social problems with active participation in helping disadvantaged people and the needy.

 Granting a Special Advisory position to the Kowsar Mashiz foundation

 Privileges and benefits of consultative status


ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31

The resolution mentions the necessary information on participation in the Council to the Special Adviser, which includes opportunities for organizations such as counseling with members of the United Nations system, according to the type and scope of the consultant. Being aware of the order of the temporary meeting of the Economic and Social Council is also considered as such.

Attendance at meetings and access to the United Nations (Specify the representatives to attend the UN Headquarters in New York and its offices in Geneva and Vienna)

In addition to the official attendance of delegates at events, conferences, and ..., special advisers can appoint authorized representatives to act as observers. These observers can attend the General Meetings of the Economic and Social Council and its affiliated organizations, the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council and other intergovernmental decision-making bodies of the United Nations.

Written statements at ECOSOC

Organizations and special advisers can submit written submissions to the work of the Council under the authority of these organizations with special jurisdiction. The Secretary-General of the United Nations may circulate these declarations to the members of the Council.

Oral presentations at ECOSOC

The Commission on Non-Governmental Organizations proposes to the Council on which general organizations and special advisers should have oral presentations to the Council. Such organizations have the right to issue a statement to the Council and to supervise the Council's approval.

  In addition, whenever the Council makes provision for a case advocated by a non-governmental organization as a public adviser on the agenda, such an organization should have the right to speak properly to the council appropriately.

Consultations with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies

Commissions and other affiliated bodies of the Economic and Social Council may consult with non-governmental organizations and advisers, such consultations may be set up at the request of NGOs. They may also be considered by the institutions, as proposed by the Secretary-General, at the request of such a commission and affiliate. Also, the Commission of the Economic and Social Council may propose to issue a specialist NGO in a specific area, "study or research" or "prepare papers for the Commission."

Use of United Nations facilities (Such as: residence for small conferences and meetings, informal negotiation arrangements, etc.)

 Other rights of the adviser are the arrangement of appropriate facilities and facilities for providing documents at public meetings of the General Assembly or informal talks on issues of special interest for associations and organizations. In addition, consultants can use UN libraries and press releases.


Responsibilities and obligations of NGOs in consultative status

1. Quadrennial reports

2. Suspension and withdrawal of consultative status


 Granting a Special Advisory position to the Kowsar Mashiz foundation


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