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We aim at empowering potential abilities of disabled people, the development of carpet weaving manufacture for blind seeks to increase this aim

Publish Date: ۱۱:۴۱ - ۱۵ October ۲۰۱۸

One of Mashiz Charity ongoing project is to develop carpet manufactory for blind to support disabled people and create jobs for them.

Experts of Mashiz institute along with experts and university professors work on structure and design of carpet weaving and the practical process of developing the manufactory with their suggestions and solutions has began.

At present 30 blind people with 30 carpet looms are working in this manufactory, that the quality of their manufactured goods are acceptable and can be marketed for sale.

Carpet weaving has a special way in this manufactory, which blind people choose colors from the inside of the box, that are gridded using a braille line, and draw shapes using a special type of knot.

 Kowsar Mashiz targeting for development of carpet weaving workshop to create employment for blind artists

Mashiz Charity is determined to increase the capacity of the manufactory to 60 people by entering to this domain and training of help seekers and students and take an effective step in order to create employment for disabled people and support them. Also, during negotiations with Kerman Chamber of Commerce, understanding marketing, selling and exporting these carpets by this organization was done, and the products will be marketed.

With initial estimation, Educational, consumable and non-consumable expenses for the development of this manufacture is calculated one-billion Riyal which will be provid by Mashiz Charity.


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