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To reduce deprivation in deprived areas;
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Sadeghi Nejad stated,
the importance of preventing disabilities in the country on the...
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The "independent" wrote;
disabilities the supermarket and fashion retailer has achieved what is... disabilities don&rsquo t define their children, so the adaptations shouldn&rsquo... diverse range of young models with disabilities like down&rsquo s...
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To improve the level of practical knowledge of staff and handler;
and physical disabilities the professors of this course on the... noted that 414 disabilities are maintained and trained at the...
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for patients with physical or mental disabilities dental treatment for...
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Launch of the carpet tissue workshop development project for blind person in Kerman,
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Sadeghinezhad said;
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The Guardian wrote in a report on malnutrition;
while disabilities often go untreated...
in spiritual medicine disabilities go undetected and untreated the signs...
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If approved, the emojis will be available in 2019
is now proposing emojis to represent people with different disabilities...
the addition of emoji to better represent individuals with disabilities... not represent the experiences of those with disabilities &rdquo according... would not cover all possible depictions of disabilities, but that... motor, and hidden disabilities and, in order to ensure the...
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the biggest disadvantages for people with mental and physical disabilities... people under cover with mental disabilities, autism, chronic psychosis and...
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The head of the Information and Public Relations Department of Education in Kerman province said:
education department said the news that people with disabilities in...
kerman education department said the news that people with disabilities... the news that people with disabilities in kerman only study... disabilities who have been studying by the end of the...
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At the 53rd United Nations Commission on Social Development:
situation of people with disabilities in achieving sustainable development goals,... disabilities, in line with the rest of the community, in...
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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mashiz charity;
children are divided into two groups of movement disabilities and... children with mental disabilities which the ways of protecting them...
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