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Toseye-Afarineshe Bartar interviews with successful faces of Mashiz children
had a good family at the beginning, my father worked... my parents and family problems, our life changed, and after... i wished my family also had the same facilities as... with my family i wished my family also had these...
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Sadeghi Nezhad satated,
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will be happen in near future,
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Results obtained by holding the tournament on the final day;
the team of the zarand pseudo-family center, who succeeded in...
afarineshebartar-the team of the pseudo-family of mashiz zarand, who succeeded... of sirjan and the mashiz shahdad semi-family center team, like... the zarand semi-family center team, competed against their rivals the...
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Sadeghi Nezhad informed;
kowsar mashiz pseudo- family centers of four provinces of country...
kowsar mashiz pseudo- family centers of four provinces of country... the children of pseudo-family centers and said that the festival... pseudo-family centers daughters in kerman province is one of the...
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During the culinary tournament of Kerman pseudo-family's children;
quasi-family center of the kowsar mashiz charity and won first...
afarineshebartar- ali ganjali zadeh, the son of karman's pseudo-family center,... the children of pseudo- family achieve to the national championship... kerman welfare office, which is the quasi-family center of the... vitality among the children of the pseudo-family centers mahnaz najibzadeh-...
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With setting up the virtual tour in Afarineshebartar website;
al-shohada cultural and pseudo family center 5 reyhaneh educational center... 6 bam girls pseudo-family center 7 golbaf boys pseudo-family center...
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Chairman of the board of director of Kowsar Mashiz foundation announce;
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The assistant economic of Narmashir said:
nms and also visited the manufacturing process of the pseudo-family... said construction and launching of the quasi-family center ,with a...
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